Practice self-care by scheduling your well-woman visit

Today, Forbes published a piece by Jordan Brooks, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of the United State of Women, that highlights how despite the new obstacles in place to sign up for healthcare, more than 8.8 million people signed up for health coverage through the ACA marketplaces for 2018. Across the country, more women than ever have ensured they’re covered by quality, affordable health insurance this year.

As people are setting their New Year’s Resolutions for better health, it is important for everyone to remember to take advantage of their annual healthcare benefits. One important benefit for women is their free well-woman visit.

Your new insurance will have a list of doctors to choose from that are covered in your network. Call them today and schedule your well-woman exam while you’re still planning your year. Then, you can speak with your provider on what services you need now and which ones you will need in the near future. Other benefits guaranteed by the ACA include contraception and counseling on these options, STI counseling, domestic violence screening, cervical cancer screening, gestational diabetes screening, HIV screening, breast cancer screening, and breastfeeding support and supplies.

These services can help to keep you healthy, but also help to catch any health issues you may have early. 

Read the full piece here.