To Improve Women’s Health, We Must Protect the Foundation Laid by the ACA

Today, Morning Consult published an opinion piece by Dr. Karen Scott, former chief medical officer for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, that highlights Kaiser Health News new data on women’s access to preventive care and argues that while these statistics show progress, there is still work to be done for all women to have access to adequate preventive health care.

Dr. Scott explains that, “Looking ahead, to continue to build a health care system that is equitable, affordable and accessible, we must prioritize a patient-centered system that meets patients where they are. Successful health care systems should address all types of barriers preventing women from receiving the care they deserve. There is a lot of innovation going on in the country, both in the public and private sectors, where we can improve women’s health care services and delivery.”

Read the full piece on Morning Consult here.