Your healthcare provider’s office is a safe place to talk about domestic violence

Domestic Violence

Today, Kaiser Health News’ Anna Gorman tells the story of Fanny Ortiz, who left an abusive marriage after nearly a decade and highlights how healthcare providers play an important role in promoting prevention and providing assistance in domestic violence situations. Healthcare providers can provide this critical life saving intervention because they see patients that may not ever reach out to a domestic violence agency or police for help.

1 in 3 women experience domestic partner violence in their lifetimes. More doctors now screen their patients for signs of abuse and more agencies place victims’ advocates inside health centers. Education and counseling for people experiencing violence is also more widely available in clinics and hospitals.

This growing collaboration between the medical profession and anti-abuse agencies is driven by the Affordable Care Act, which requires that health plans cover domestic violence screening and counseling. Now, healthcare providers routinely question women about violence in the home and refer them to services if needed.

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